Usagi Drop - pure cuteness

Forget about fights, super-powers, panty-shots, big breasts and robots. Usagi Drop is real-life drama about rising a child, and addapting to a new life-style. Even though it doesn't seem to be a typical  theme for anime series, you'll find it interesting and funny. As I watched first episodes, I couldn't resist it's cuteness and  beautiful animation.

Kaga Rin
The story begins, when Daikichi's (man in his 30's) grandfather dies at the age of  79 years. At this time, no one in his family had the slightest idea about old man's secret. He had a daughter, 6 years old Rin. The family is schocked and embarassed about him having a child at such age, and no one knows what to do with this situation. Daikichi is disgusted by the thought of giving Rin away to adoption, or worse - to an orphanage. So he decides to take care of her himself. As he is single, and has no idea how to rise a kid, the difficult journey lies before him. Buying clothes, looking for a kindergarden and then school, not to mention difficult conversations between two generations.  Daikichi  is nor father or brother, and tries his best to get along with Rin. He even talk to his superiors to degrade him from a manager to a lower post, with fixed working hours, so he have time to take care of his new daughter. As time passes, they get along pretty well, and Daikichi decides to contact her mother...

Daikichi and Rin

The animation itself is really beutifull, and character desing is cute, and will be like a magnet to your eyes.

Even thought it's drama, there's plenty of funny scenes, which will make you smile. The theme of Usagi Drop is not quite the "my teritory", because it's 100% reality based story, but after just two episodes, I realized that it's pretty good. The series has 11 episodes, and finished this week. I would recommend it to older watchers, who can understand the diffiulty of this situation.

Now let's get to the rankings:

STORY:                    8/10
CHARACTERS:         9/10
ANIMATION:           10/10
OVERALL:               9/10

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  1. I still have two episodes left (watching the Totan's release) and I really love it. Excellent series.


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