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Good afternoon everyone, today I made some updates in my blog...

Generaly, i was playing with design : adding some background, logo , etc. which took technicaly no time, but since I wanted to make a menu under the header logo, I had to spend quite time playing with it. The biggest problem is, that Google is somehow 15 years behind other blog sites. Yeah, it's right - Google's blog doesn't have any "categories" for your posts , nor supports creating your own menu with categories, only thing you can do with it, is to make "pages" which are something else , but can be displayed as "menu" under the header - BUT the pages itself, can contain only some text , pictures or so... I didn't want to spend much time trying if it can hadle any scripts or not (i think it can't), so I had to create my own menu (hope you like it) with my own   "fake categories" using TAGS. After I finished, I encoutered another problems : At first ,  I placed my menu into a widget under the header. You want to know what happened? This widget is not as wide as the header logo, so it was displaced about 40 pixels to the right, and I could't do anything about this. So i told myselft: "Screw some shitty widget, let's make it right into the theme's html script." After few minutes of  browsing  and searching through CSS/HTML code of this theme, I finaly got a grasp of how it works, and found the line i was looking for (don't worry, there will be another problem coming up). I placed my menu here , and had to make links using tag search. Unfortunatelly, I had to upload graphic parts of my menu to my own external FTP , since I haven't found some ftp-like client here, which would allow me to upload graphic contents for the design of my blog. But using it externaly from my ftp was the best, fastest and most comfortable solution I came up at the time.

 I hope Google will improve their tools, so the blogs will be much easier to handle by users, who doesn't have much (or any) experience with HTML / CSS . Good luck .

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