Koe de Oshigoto! - extreme embarassment

Have you ever played an eroge? No? You don't know what eroge is? Eroge is an abbreviation of Erotic Game, and you probably know by now, that the goal in the game is to hook up with girls...
Koe de Oshigoto! The Animation is about voice acting these games. Yeah, original theme for an anime, isn't it?

Koe de Oshigoto! The Animation

At first I thought it will be some kind of "hard-ecchi" with typical fan-service, story which presents nothing new and the whole anime will be just a copy of "Ecchi template" that 90% of ecchi anime uses. But I was wrong. Without a doubt, it is original, new, fresh, something that you haven't seen anywhere... Until now!

The story is about 16 years old Aoyagi Kanna. She's just ordinary high school girl, that is, until her older sister Yayoi offers her a job at her company, which makes eroge. Yayoi wants Kanna to become eroge seiyuu (seiyuu = voice actress). Kanna immediately refuses, but when she learns from her mother about Yayoi saving money for her studies, she decides to try her best as an eroge seiyuu and help Yayoi out. As she is just a young girl without experience with eroge, not to mention experience with boys, it will be difficult beginnings. Just imagine how embarassed can "pure" girl at this age get, when she has to say perverted stuff in front of people she knows...

I was suprised how much I enjoyed watching it. It's not like I enjoyed it because it is ecchi and there are lots of perverted phrases. I would say the main reason was that the whole idea is original. It's like unrailed train among trains on ecchi railway...

This OVA series has 2 episodes so far, and it is not complete yet. More episodes will be released, though I don't know when (yet).

STORY:                   8/10
CHARACTERS:        9/10
ANIMATION:            9/10
OVERALL:               9/10


  1. Too bad they'd never develop a game like this in America that isn't an indie game.... if they can't stock it in Wal Mart they won't make it.

  2. Well, these games are Japanese domain, Americans are not enough weirdos to make games like this ;)


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