Bleach filler ends?

Finally, it seems that the side-story filler is ending today, or next week at most. I think after that there will be one or two more episodes with dumb stuff not related to currently airing filler, nor main-story, and after a long pause, the Bleach will continue after Aizen's imprisonment.

For those who don't read manga, I can only say that it's gonna be Legen.... wait for it ..... dary?! No, that's not the right word here, I think you'll just be suprised how this gonna turn out... I'm not gonna spoil you, just wait for it!

What do you think? How many "one-episode-dumb-fillers" until the main story continues? None, or five, or more? Guess in the comments :)


  1. Ahhhh I hate Bleach fillers! Dx Sometimes they go on for ages. I've never read the manga but the anime is so good but i only got up to 270 or something and stopped cos it got repetitive :P what episode are you up to?


  2. Yeah, I'm filler hater too ;) ... But, I rather watch the long ones counting +-20 episodes with one story, than the 10 episodes with totally dumb stuff in each episode (Naruto-like). I don't watch these. I'm up to 341. episode , which got out yesterday. I've checked the episode 270, and that was kind of best part , and the main story goes up to the ep. 310, and with 311 the fillers start... It's understandable that they need to let manga get ahead + the story continues after one year. I hope you'll overlook some repetitiveness and continue watchin! ... I checked your blog yesterday, you're pretty cool in drawing ;) Keep it up!


Thanks for your comment, keep sharing your opinion :)