Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran - samurai classics

After a while, I have a new review, but about older anime. Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran is a short series about  two women on the endless journey around the Japan. The story is episodic, only things that connects all episodes together are traveling, empty pockets and loads of sake (and of course two heroines).

There is no mainstream story, like I said before, the story is episodic, and tells about two women heroines - about Tsukikage Ran, a very skilled female samurai, who rather calls herself "mere beautiful drifter" instead of samurai, and she loves sake. The second one is Meow, female martial artist - master of the "Iron Cat Fist style" , and she's the one who tooks care of the paying for a sake, even though she's pretty much poor like Lady Ran. Together they travel from town to town on a whim, unwillingly (... sometimes willingly) encountering criminals, bandits and corrupted officials in each episode. Each episode contains action part, sake drinking part, and funny part. The setting of the story is about the end of 18th century, fights are not insane like in superpower animes, and it's in style of classic samurai movies from Japan. Even thought it's comedy, jokes itself are not as much funny as the characters themself.

Meow (left) and Lady Ran (right)

I would recommend this anime to anyone, who wants to take a rest of ecchi comedies and superpower cliche, or like samurai (or Japan) history. Since this anime was aired in the year 2000, the animation is not as perfect as newer ones, but it's no so bad as cause of giving up to watch this. The series wasn't awesome nor it was bad.

STORY:                   6/10
CHARACTERS:        7/10
ANIMATION:            6/10
OVERALL:               6/10

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